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When crimson does glow ‘bout pale moon’s shadow,
        Like a dead king’s ill-gotten crown;
     And fills us with woe, we mortals below,
         For ‘t calls wicked demons abound.

An ominous sight, bereft of delight,
        As terror-chilled sweat ‘round us pools.
    For this cold, dark night, in the Blood Moon’s light,
          will turn us to madmen and fools.

An adventure for FRONTIER SCUM by Chalkdown & Djuun

This adventure takes players through an enchanted gallery involving six sinister paintings and a dark ritual which awaits them at the end. Brush up and put on a coat, for on a cold night like this you'll have to exercise creativity!

Black and White, 27 Pages, made for the Release Jam.

The Blood-Moon Vernissage is an independent production by Chalkdown & Djuun and is not affiliated with Den of Druids. It is published under the FRONTIER SCUM Third Party License. FRONTIER SCUM is copyright Den of Druids. 


Buy Now$7.50 USD or more

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